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You fell in love for a reason. Right? So what’s your marriage or relationship worth to you? Reach out today so I can give you everything you need to make your relationship intimate, passionate and peaceful again.

Or are you seeking a form of counselling in New Plymouth to help you move through old beliefs and heal scars from the past? Invest in EFT with Tess and choose health and happiness.

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You have choices.

Carry on with the status quo, dip your toes in, or dive head first into change.

You wouldn’t be here if you were satisfied with your lot. And it’s hard to make a real change by just clutching at nuggets of wisdom here and there.

What you need, is to invest in learning a complete and proven system that has worked for thousands of women.

And Tess, a woman who has walked in your shoes, will guide you all the way.

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