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If you’re looking for marriage or relationship coaching or just personal development, you’re in the right place. I know it feels hard right now, trust me, I’ve been there myself. I will help you move from feeling defeated to empowered by getting in touch with your desires using six researched and proven intimacy skills.

Anything here sound familiar?

Feeling Hopeless

  • I feel like I do everything around the house
  • I feel like his mother
  • We never laugh and joke together anymore
  • He seems to prefer the tv to talking to me
  • Sometimes I think there could be someone else

Feeling Empowered

  • I want a happy home full of laughter
  • I want to feel loved and cherished
  • I want the playfulness back in my relationship
  • I would love more of his attention
  • I want to feel secure and safe in my relationship


“ So many women I have met in long-term relationships tell me that the “honeymoon phase” will erode; That intimacy will become a chore and “he’ll not be much help around the house”. Moreover, I actually used to believe them. I have spent many precious moments stressing about how I can stop my love from disintegrating. All I can say is thank the universe for Tess. Thank you Tess for showing me that any deterioration of respect in relationships is simply because of a lack of education – not because it is inevitable. How exciting is that?! ”

Petrice Tarrant

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